In April 2012 Assemblage opened the Assemblage Studios which provided shared or private studio spaces for artists to rent, as well as a workshop space and a printmaking studio. The centre functioned as a meeting place for all of Assemblage’s projects and activities, including workshops, peer mentoring, exhibitions, art talks, open studio events and an international residency programme.

Assemblage encouraged the artists within the Assemblage Studios to pursue art making as a full-time career thereby cultivating entrepreneurs and employment, which is imperative in the South African context. The broader Johannesburg visual arts community, as well as the general public had access to the space through regular art events including exhibitions, open studio events and art talks. It was a physical hub for activity, creation and discourse.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to have a space and for all the interactions we have had with artists over the 6 year period that the space was open.

The Assemblage Studios closed in January 2018 and are no longer operational.