The Alexander Theatre

The Alexander Theatre
Posted: 7 Mar 2012

The Alexander Theatre is a multi-dimensional venue; having hosted an array of
events, concerts, TV shows, parties, conferences, award ceremonies and charity events. Such success is greatly attributed to its tasteful new facelift which conjures up feelings of nostalgia set in an urban-chic back-drop.

The front of the building has an array of glass doors that open up in to the foyer; which leads to the 536 seater auditorium. Downstairs from the foyer is a slick, stylish and cozy basement bar.

The hospitality room, VIP room and roof-top – all reached via a private staircase off the hob-nobbing area - each emanate their own ambience. The variety of different areas makes for a versatile and adaptable function venue with each room catering for a slightly different crowd.

To another 40 years of setting the benchmark in creating a place that heightens the senses and is a home of inspiration; a place where some of the energy and passion that exists deep inside most people, but that struggles to find an outlet, can find expression in a creative and inspired space.

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