Painting and Canvas Suppliers

Posted: 16 Mar 2011
Tags: Suppliers

Organisation: Winsens Canvases
Phone: 0113150565
Address: Unit C3, Gallagher Corner (next to Gallagher Estate) Richards Drive, Halfway House
Services/Products: Frames and Canvas
Comments: They make incredible handmade, reasonably priced canvases that are just beautiful. You just give them your dimensions and primer preferences and they deliver for free. Just call them to order.
(Recommended by: Nicola Taylor)


Organisation: Herbert Evans
Phone: (011) 614-0000
Address: Shop U310 Rosebank Mall, Bath Avenue, Rosebank. Also located at Fourways Crossing and Greenstone Mall.
Services/Products: Art Supplies, Oil paints


Organisation: Artiste Oil Paints
Phone: (031) 467 6500
Address: 5 Dudley Road, Jacobs, Durban, 4052
Services/Products: Oil paints