How to write an Artist CV

Posted: 3 Dec 2013

Written by Angela Duffield-Warren

A CV or (Curriculum Vitae) is a record of your history as a professional artist.  It is important to regularly update this document with your latest achievements.  It is important to use this document to communicate with a prospective buyer or gallery owner to display your artistic career in an organized way.

Keep in mind the person or gallery that will be reading your CV.  A CV should be short and concise (not too much information).  A 10 page CV is too long.  I think it is a good idea to number your pages and also place your name on every page, just in case the pages get mixed up.

All historical information should be in chronological order (date order).  Your most recent work should be displayed first and then work your way back in time.

What information should be included in a CV?

  • Personal details
    • All contact details are to be typed under this heading.
      • Name and Surname
      • Address
      • Contact numbers
      • Email Address
      • Website Address (only the one relating to your art)
      • Education
        • Under this heading place your educational achievements.
        • It is not important to write about your primary school or high school achievements
        • If you passed matric then that is the only date you show.
        • This section is primarily (mainly) used for your education after school.  (E.g. University, College or learnerships)
  • Exhibitions
    • If you have participated in any exhibitions you can list them here.
  • Bibliography
    • If you have been included in any articles in the media or on the web.
      • Remember to include the author, title, publication, volume publication date and page number.
  • Collections
    • Many artists works belong in private collections.  If you want to include this in your cv, it is important to remember the following:
      • Don’t list the name of the collector unless they are known as important art collectors.
      • List your works as:  Private Collection, (Title), (Size) and (place)
  • Teaching
    • List your teaching positions here in date order.
  • Curatorial projects
    • List any curatorial projects under this heading.
      • 2011, “Drawings”, Assemblage, Johannesburg
  • Awards and grants
    • This list should only include awards or grants related to your artistic career.
  • Residencies
    • List your residences here.
      • 2010, Studio Residency, Assemblage, Johannesburg
  • Images of your works
    • Don’t forget to show images of your works.
    • Give them captions and number them.

If you require any further assistance in compiling an artists cv you are welcome to contact me for further assistance.

Angela Duffield-Warren