Prints on Paper Workshops Oct/Nov 2016

Prints on Paper is excited to announce its last set of workshops for 2016. Coming up in October and November 2016 we have Drypoint and surface rolling, Watercolour and Linocut printmaking, Colour linocut printmaking and an introduction to Stencil Silkscreening.

Sign up for all workshops, for just one workshop or for a selection of workshops.
All workshops take place over two days and are R800 per workshop.

Price includes: Refreshments, all materials, facilitators and awesome workshops!
Venue and time details will be sent to you once we receive payment.
A maximum of 15 people per workshop.

22 & 23 October - Watercolour and linocut Workshop facilitated by Sifiso Themba and Sthembiso Zwane
29 & 30 October - Drypoint and Surface Rolling Workshop facilitated by Mini Ngoyi
5 & 6 November - Colour Linocut Workshop facilitated by Isaac Zavale
12 & 13 November - Stencil Silkscreen Workshop facilitated by Sanele Jali

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More about the Workshops:

Watercolour and linocut Workshop (Sifiso Themba and Sthembiso Zwane)
This workshop will cover both the monotype process, particularly the possibilities of using watercolour and how to combine it with linocut printmaking. Participants will be introduced to traditional watercolour techniques and then explore how these can be effectively combined with linocut printmaking. Participants will leave the workshop with one completed variable edition of prints.

Drypoint and Surface Rolling workshop (Minenkulu Ngoyi)
An introduction to drypoint and surface rolling. Drypoint printmaking involves using a steel needle for engraving on a bare copper, aluminum or perspex plate. Ink is pushed into the engraving and then the plate is run through a press to produce a print. This will be combined with the surface rolling technique - the process of rolling an ink coated printing roller on intaglio plate as if doing relief printing. Participants will use the two techniques to produce an edition of prints.

Colour Linocut Workshop (Isaac Zavale)
This workshop will offer participants an introduction on how to do colour linocut printmaking. Participants will be guided through the process of planning and cutting a plate, preparing colours and paper and the printing of a colour linocut edition. Participants will leave the workshop with an editioned work, produced using linocut, including a maximum of 5 colours.

An Introduction to Stencil Silkscreening (Sanele Jali)
This workshop will introduce participants to the use of stencils in silkscreen printmaking. Stencils allow for a large variety of patterns and designs to be used in silkscreening. Participants will be guided through the process of producing their own stencils, exposing onto a screen and printing an edition from completed image.