Prints on Paper Workshops Jan/Feb 2017

Posted: 11 Jan 2017

Prints on Paper is excited to announce its first set of printmaking workshops for 2017. Coming up in January and February 2017 we have Silkscreen Monoprinting, Drypoint and Woodcut workshops.

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All workshops take place over two days and are R800 per workshop.

Price includes: Refreshments, all materials, facilitators and awesome workshops!
Venue and time details will be sent to you once we receive payment.
A maximum of 20 people per workshop.

28 & 29 January

- Silkscreen Monoprint Workshop facilitated by Mini Ngoyi and Isaac Zavale
4 & 5 February
- Introduction to Drypoint Workshop facilitated by Sifiso Temba and Mini Ngoyi
11 & 12 February
- Introduction to Woodcut Workshop facilitated by Isaac Zavale and Sthembiso Zwane

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More about the Workshops:

Silkscreen Monoprint Workshop (Mini Ngoyi and Isaac Zavale)
This workshop will cover the process of combining silkscreening and monoprinting. Participants will explore the possibilities of using a water based ink as background and a charcoal drawing or watercolour as a top layer, using clear base ink to print the image onto paper. Participants will be introduced to a modern silkscreen monoprint technique and then explore how these can be effectively combined. Participants will leave the workshop with one completed variable edition of prints.

Introduction to Drypoint Workshop (Sifiso Temba and Minenkulu Ngoyi)
An introduction to drypoint printmaking. Drypoint is a printmaking technique of the intaglio family. It involves using a steel needle for traditionally engraving on a bare copper or aluminum (without the use of acid) but now perspex plate is used more often. Ink is pushed, using damp paper, into the engraving and then the plate is run through a press to produce a print. Like etching, drypoint is easier for an artist trained in drawing to master than engraving. Participants will produce an edition of prints.

Introduction to Woodcut Workshop (Isaac Zavale and Sthembiso Zwane)
Woodcutting is a relief printmaking technique where an image is carved out of a block of wood. Ink is then added on the woodcut. The block is run through a press to produce a print. This workshop will offer participants an introduction on how to do woodcut printmaking. Participants will be guided through the process of planning and cutting on supa wood, preparing colours and paper and the printing of a woodcut edition. Participants will leave the workshop with an editioned work.