Open Password Project

The Open Password Project was at an artistic residency, through Assemblage, from Septermber 21st to October 31st, 2016, by the Brazilian artist-photographer Eliane Velozo, on research, images and contents production for her Open Password Project. Eliane travels with a banner that contains eight flags, each one of one of the eight countries on her project, photographing the banner in places related to important historical and social facts.

One part of her project is to find out what women around her own age, think that unites their memories and their hopes.

The South African’s ‘fine tuning’ step – on apartheid – is the fourth one, since she has already held her project in Portugal, Argentina and Chile. Cuba, Russia, Vietman and Brazil, will complete the project, that speaks about democracy, freedom, racial and economic equality, among other related issues.

At the end of the project she wishes to come back to each of the countries she has visited to have an exhibition with the work.

The three first ‘fine tunings’ of her project can be seen at

It was a pleasure for Assemblage to host Eliane and to find out about her project.

Eliane Velozo has exhibited her work widely in Brazil and other countires. A good view of her work is at