Call for Project Proposals


Assemblage is pleased to announce an open call for special projects to take place in the Assemblage Project Space in Ferreirasdorp (1 Fox Precinct) between October 2017 - April 2018. This initiative is supported by The African Arts Trust (TAAT) for the presentation and realization of contemporary art projects in different formats and forms, including exhibitions, residencies, experimental projects, workshops, installations etc. Assemblage will offer 120 square metres(m2) of exhibition space for a period 2- 4 weeks per project. Individuals, as well as groups/collectives, are invited to apply.



Successful applicants will receive support in the form of:

  1. Full access and use of space for 2-4 week period

  2. Assistance from Assemblage's curator where necessary

  3. An opening event with wine

  4. Marketing and PR through Assemblage's network


To apply, please email the following to

  • Project proposal (500 - 800 words) including timelines.

  • Image of the proposed work/s (no larger than 3mb per image)

  • Artist Biography

  • Artist CV, including 2 references


Deadline :

Artists are invited to submit no later than 22 August 2017.

Response time :

Successful applicants will receive a response on their submissions no later than 5 September 2017.



Assemblage has been in existence for 7 years and has become the go to place for young emerging artists. Assemblage offers a physical community for artists to access and from which to gain knowledge, mentorship and support. With our move from our previous space in Newtown, we have noticed that artists have found us in our new space very rapidly and our space continues to be active and busy. Our community of artists have advocated very strongly that what Assemblage is and offers a completely unique and much needed intervention within Johannesburg and more broadly South Africa. What Assemblage offers is a complete support system for artists who are in need of connecting, collaborating and learning and the Johannesburg Art Scene recognises this - the number of artists who walk through our doors on a weekly basis attests to this.


Assemblage is a non-profit organisation which intends for the visual arts community of Johannesburg to connect, to share ideas, information and advice and to collaborate. It provides an inclusive forum where visual art students, graduates and professionals can network. Assemblage encourages production, participation, professionalism and the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills. Through an informative website, peer mentoring groups, workshops, group exhibitions, artist studios and other collaborative projects, it hopes to contribute and promote artistic innovation, collaboration and a proactive vibrancy within Johannesburg.


Our Vision: To be a viable and sustainable organization that has a positive impact on the visual arts community and enables artists to be their best.

Our Mission: To be the Central Hub (through sharing, connecting, participating) for the Johannesburg visual arts community, in promoting professionalism, excellence and innovation.

Our Goal: To engender and inspire a dynamic, vibrant and inclusive forum for the visual arts community.

Visit to find out more about Assemblage.



The African Arts Trust (TAAT) is a charitable trust set up by the collector and philanthropist, Robert Devereux, following the successful fundraising auction of his private collection of post-war British art at Sothebys, London in 2010.

The trust is based on years of frequent travel to Africa and the recognition that there is a wealth of artistic talent there, which is stifled by the lack of resources available locally to full time artists.

The charity is run by the following trustees, Robert Devereux, Founder and Director, Hamish Dewar, Director of Hamish Dewar Conservation Ltd, Robin Woodhead, Chairman of Sotheby's International and administered by Danda Jaroljmek, Circle Art Agency, Nairobi.

Visit to find out more about TAAT