Assemblage Exhibition Space Open Call

Call for Applications

Assemblage will be launching its new Exhibition Space at 1 Marshall St in September 2016. Artists, organisations and collectives interested in using the space are invited to apply.

The Assemblage Exhibition Space is a 95sqm space located in the new Assemblage arts hub at 1 Marshall St, Ferreirarsdorp. The space is available for hire for events, exhibitions and pop ups for 1 day through to 6 weeks.

Anyone interested in using the space must first submit an application to including the following information:

  • Description of activity/event/exhibition
  • Artists involved
  • Length of time space is required
  • Contact details

Artists can hire the space for 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 6 weeks.

The base rental for the Assemblage Exhibition Space includes: space rental, preparation of walls, electricity, water, security, internet, marketing of event/exhibition by Assemblage (ie. access to the Assemblage database).

Optional extras that will be charged for accordingly include:

  • curator
  • installation
  • opening event
  • labeling
  • sales, including invoicing
  • delivery of sold works

Artists may choose any number of the optional extras or none at all.

Assemblage will take a commission on all work sold from exhibitions staged at the Assemblage Exhibition Space. Commission is negotiable.

Assemblage is a non-profit organisation and does not aim to make money from a gallery. The costs listed above aim to cover the costs of keeping the Assemblage Exhibition Space open and providing the infrastructure that is needed to stage a successful exhibition. As the base rental and optional extras only cover costs, charging a small commission is a fair way for the organisation to ensure that the organisations activities can continue and that the organisation is sustainable.

The Assemblage Exhibition Space is located as part of the 1 Fox Precinct, a growing popular hub in Johannesburg. There is an increasing amount of traffic to the space especially on weekends and Assemblage aims to take advantage of this. Artists should be aware that by being located near to this popular hub will be an advantage to them when exhibiting.

For further information or to request a rate card please contact

  • Assemblage Exhibition Space
  • Assemblage Exhibition Space