Pop Up Shop

Starts: Thursday, 16 October 2014 (All day)
Posted: 30 Oct 2014
Dates & Times:
  • Thursday, 16 October 2014 (All day) to Sunday, 30 November 2014 (All day)

Artists from the Bag Factory, Brown Eyed Boy, Prints on Paper and Assemblage will unite at Killarney Mall's Art Zone in a showcase of outstanding South African talent. The mall has offered the space to artists to grow their careers and explore the mall as a different channel of distribution.

These artists will be joined by Shani Krebs, who after spending almost two decades in a Thai prison is pursuing his vision of being an artist who can exhibit amongst SA's finest, Art Zone is a dream come true for this talented up-and-coming artist.

One of Joburg's leading visual arts organisations, the Bag Factory has been alive and kicking since 1991, when the space was set up to provide studios for artists - mainly black artists, who at that stage, had very little access to networks and resources in order to build their careers, allowing them to become full time practicing artists. It was one of the first collective studio spaces for visual artists in South Africa and has held it's downtown ground in the rapidly evolving metropolis of Johannesburg. The Bag Factory are driving the collaborative space that is the Art Zone. Since its inception the Bag Factory has focused on developing a programme that stands for inclusion and diversity, built on an idea of open access.

Assemblage is a non-profit organisation which intends for the visual arts community of Johannesburg to connect, to share ideas, information and advice and to collaborate. It provides an inclusive forum where visual art students, graduates and professionals can network. Assemblage encourages production, participation, professionalism and the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills. Through an informative website, peer mentoring groups, workshops, group exhibitions, artist studios and other collaborative projects, it hopes to contribute and promote artistic innovation, collaboration and a proactive vibrancy within Johannesburg. Artists involved in this organisation will showcase their pieces at Art Zone, the pop-up art gallery, which opens doors on 16 October at Killarney Mall.

Prints on Paper is an open-access print studio based at the Assemblage Studios in Newtown, Johannesburg. It opened in 2013 and provides artists with a space where they can explore various forms of printmaking, including linograph, monotype, silkscreen and more. They have recently launched their very first collaborative portfolio on the theme “Colour Line”.

Participating organisation Brown Eyed Boy was created as a vehicle for talent to be discovered, unearthed and exhibited. They enable talented artists, photographers, designers, writers and other specialists who are driven by passion and seek to change the world with their craft.

Come and celebrate the love of art at Killarney Mall's Art Zone, there's something for everyone, if you prefer to browse or collect art, this pop-up store will ignite the creativity in every art lover's heart. The pop-up store will run from 16 October to 30 November 2014. Kiddies can also join in on the fun every Saturday morning from 10am - 1pm for the kiddies Paint Portal run by the Bag Factory.

For more information please contact either:
Katia Lodder from Killarney Mall on 082 489 7402
Sara Hallatt from the Bag Factory on sara@bagfactoryart.org.za

The Bag Factory and Assemblage would like to thank Killarney Mall for its generous donation of the space.