No Walk in the Park

Starts: Thursday, 5 April 2018, 18:00
Posted: 23 Mar 2018
Dates & Times:
  • Thursday, 5 April 2018, 18:00 to Saturday, 28 April 2018, 12:00

Please join us for a drink at the opening of  No Walk in the Park an exhibition by Sally Rumball, Amber-Jade Geldenhuys, and Eduard Bruwer on 5 April 2018 at 6pm at 68 Juta St, Braamfontein.  

Dates: 5th - 28th of April 2018
Opening times: Wed - Friday, 10:00 - 16:00
Saturday, 10:00 - 14:00

Walkabout: Saturday 28th April 12 - 2pm

No Walk in the Park is for an exhibition installation by three artists, who relate to varying degrees of emotional adversity, and who express their messages through different mediums. The title of this exhibition 'No Walk in the Park', alludes to the difficulty in doing something that is usually very easy and pleasant - a symptom so often shared by creative, reflective humans. The very nature of an art exhibition, and the art-making journey, involves preparation, research, communication, action and completion - all too often overwhelming and stressful - and so the process of this collection feeds the concept. Mental upheaval can be initiated through our genetic, biological and psychological make-up and/or due to a conflicting environment or incident, and can manifest as anxiety, depression, disorders and addictions. As artists, we turn to creating objects with our hands and brains, as an outlet for stifled sadness, rage, joy and pride, which is in turn replenished by our receptive and curious nature as sensitive beings.


Amber-Jade Geldenhuys’ labyrinth of fences is constructed so as to disrupt the viewer’s path. This modular sculptural work can be constructed or changed by the artist, or anyone, using a series of interlocking triangles, thereby conceptually destabilising the role of author and encouraging collaboration. The work has been disrupted by playdough in an attempt to bring in a biographical element, referencing the artist’s recent journey to motherhood. She responds to this disruption through an alternative medium, using a process of abstraction in painting. Landscape becomes apparent in the painting process, as well as the organic nature of growth, which can be linked to building and back to the sculptural work.

Amber-Jade Geldenhuys is an artist working with intervention, sculpture, installation, photography and works on paper. Exhibiting regularly since 2008, Geldenhuys has been awarded a number of prizes including an Absa L’Atelier Merit Award in 2011, a Mixed Media Merit Award at the Ekurhuleni Thami Mnyele National Fine Arts Awards in 2010, and first prize at the PPC Cement Young Concrete Sculptor Awards in 2009. In that same year she was a finalist for the Sony Student Focus Competition, winning overall for Africa and the Middle East and attending the World Photography Awards held annually in Cannes, France. Geldenhuys obtained a Masters of Fine Art at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2014 and, currently she is involved in a number of curatorial projects while practicing from her studio in Johannesburg.


Eduard Bruwer presents two fabric sculptures illustrating a volatile and oppressive emotional presence - the travel from the Dark to the Light in oneself and the reflection of both states of consciousness. The pieces will equally represent a merging of state, as an aid to forward motion of self-reflection and awareness. The Dark that comes to visit may sometimes win, bringing overwhelming challenges, fear of the new, and a compulsion to cut life's journey short. By taking what the Dark has to offer and weaving it into a whole, a stronger and self-loving organism floats through space, simply just observing. Bruwer’s personal exploration probes the reasons for that travel and visit with the ‘dark passenger’ and the motivation to return to the light of life.

Eduard Bruwer has a life-long passion for fashion, art and theatre. After leaving school he studied fashion design, and went on to win the Durban July fashion awards in two categories - Avant Garde and Best Dressed Couple. He has worked as a Stylist and Wardrobe Master for television, commercials and feature films, and he collaborated with Suzaan Heyns in creating her haunting take on the wedding dress, as well as her nail installation with Frances Goodman at the Goodman Gallery. He combines fabric, design and emotion to create pieces that bring taboo subjects to light, needing to be addressed by many, and within himself.


Sally Rumball’s mixed-media paintings and drawings use selected nature elements as metaphor for human frustration and retaliation. Some emotional agitation can manifest in physical obsessive-compulsive action. The results are often embarrassing and shrouded in guilt. This can lead to further self-destructive habits, distress and low self-esteem. Certain animals have an elemental visual affect on human essential nature, and so it is comforting to turn to them as metaphor for human irrationality. The varying sizes of the works are a result of self-conscious freedom or restriction, and are directly related to the music genre and volume at the time of creating.

Sally Rumball was born in 1971 in Johannesburg, where she currently lives. After several career changes Rumball returned to university in 2008 to pursue her passion for Fine Art. In 2011 she received her National Diploma Visual Art (cum laude) from the University of Johannesburg. Rumball has participated in several group exhibitions and art competitions – including the Sasol New Signatures Awards in 2012, a solo exhibition at StateOfTheArt Gallery in Cape Town in 2016, and a 2-person exhibition with Matthew Ellwood at Halifax Gallery in Johannesburg in 2017. Over many years, her work has explored the history of human/animal relationships, issues of animal cruelty and the damage excessive consumerism is inflicting on nature. She expresses her concerns through drawing, painting and mixed-media.

This exhibition is supported by The African Arts Trust