To The Bone

Starts: Friday, 23 September 2016, 18:00
Posted: 5 Sep 2016
Dates & Times:
  • Friday, 23 September 2016, 18:00 to Sunday, 2 October 2016, 18:00

Please join us for a drink and the opening of ‘To The Bone’ a three person exhibition on Friday 23 September at the Assemblage Project Space in Ferreirasdorp. The exhibition will be available for viewing from 20 September - 2 October.

‘To The Bone’ is the first collaborative exhibition from Joburg based artists Amy van den Bergh, Tarran Samantha Sanders and Leigh le Roux.

Bone, as depicted in both art and culture, has many different connotations, values and superstitions. In vanitas paintings bones are seen as a symbol of our mortality. In the great works of artists such as Da Vinci it speaks of mastery through observation - looking deeper than skin to truly understand his subject’s form. In mythology bones adorn creatures of death and fear. In African art they are often part of the artwork themselves, embellishing and adding meaning to the performer. Whatever the depiction of bones, they are a common link between every living vertebrate - when stripped down all reveal the same beauty and precise form.

For ‘To The Bone’, the artists have explored the notion of bones based on their own observations, and interpreted their explorations in their distinct style and current artistic focus.

Elements of play and childlikeness, detailed observation and contemporary illustration are presented in a visual celebration of bones!

I have created imaginary creatures during the formation of their bones using charcoal and gold leaf. The scale of the artworks creates a slightly threatening atmosphere of the creatures as they loom down on the viewer. They are the creatures from our imagination that keep us company from childhood to adulthood – yet as we age, they become more sinister. I am commenting on the idea that as children we are more trusting of our imaginary friends, while as adults we have shunned these friends, and replaced them with more menacing imaginary elements that affect our lives just as strongly (if not more) – fear, paranoia, manipulation. The artworks are meant to hang higher above the viewer to instill the feeling of these “imaginary friends” / “threatening figures” powering over our subconscious.

My other contribution to To The Bone, playfully looks at common sayings gestured by hands – “holding thumbs”, “crossing fingers”, “wrapped around my little finger”, “pinky promise”, “white knuckle”, and “sharp”.

- Amy van den Bergh

Throughout all my artworks and teaching my main focus is always shapes and lines. I am of the belief that once you can truly see the pattern and form within a subject then you can train your brain to always seek them. Because of the way in which I view a subject I find tremendous beauty in the intricate patterns within nature.

Bones are, to me, a perfect structure. They hold the most beautiful, organic, wave-like lines which come together to create complex shapes with extreme discipline while serving a vital role in the creature they support. I have chosen to use different view point angles and cropped my images in such a way to create linear tunnels of vision, forcing the viewer to see depth and finish the image by seeing the shapes and lines they subconsciously already have stored.

- Tarran Sanders

I am a Graphic designer working at an Ad agency in Johannesburg while freelancing as an illustrator. I am influenced by the people I meet daily. My new works for “To The Bone” are about seeing what is inside us all in some degree.

- Leigh Le Roux

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