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Yael Feldman was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where she currently lives and works. She has a BA Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand.

I work primarily in painting using mostly water based paints. A fugitive use of materials articulates best the poetry of the images observed. Oil paint is used sporadically to add to the dimension and contrast of the painting. I am interested in painting as a form, the limitations of a frame but also the seduction that happens within the rectangle. I am seduced by colour and new materials and what they can achieve. This is an area in which I hope to expand my knowledge. Images that depict age or ruin are a major theme in my work.

I observe how nature reacts to a person, place or object over time, especially when left alone. Beauty is found on those edges of society in the way gravity; time and external forces taking their toll. The self-consciousness in the way experience of multiple forces exposes something or someone as vulnerable is striking. I am attracted to this topic because of the personal nature of these forces when something or someone no longer participates. The past and the present overlap because the present is what occupies our immediate attention. This presence of memory inspires me, which is why I express these images.

  • Yael Feldman
  • Yael Feldman