Susan White

Studio Artist: 

Susan grew up in Pietermaritzburg and studied both Visual and Dramatic Art at the University of KwaZulu Natal. After working at David Krut Publishing, travelling abroad and teaching in Grahamstown, she has recently settled in Johannesburg to work and create art.

I am fascinated with layers. I am interested by things that can co-exist on various levels or assume various forms of existence, things that are hidden and unseen, and by those who “see” and those who “don’t”. People can see the natural world existing but not the spiritual; people can see their point of view but not others. This is why I am often drawn to water where a reflection and the layer beneath the surface both make up its quality/medium. I use thin washes of oil paint in my work to render an image in order that the remnants of initial applications of paint are able to be seen below the surface of later applications; reinforcing the concept of layering and existence.

  • Susan White
  • Susan White