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Ross was born in Durban in 1984 and raised in Pietermaritzburg. After completing his Masters in Fine Art at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Ross taught art at St. Benedict High School in Pinetown. After two years he left teaching, in favour of a full time art career. Ross has been living and working in Johannesburg since the beginning of 2012. With a background in Sculpture, Painting and Printmaking, his work is multi-layered and textural. His subject matter often combines figurative and architectural elements to evoke an open ended narrative for the viewer.

Architectural forms make up the subject of my recent work. The subjects range from prominent structures to the seemingly inconsequential. The structures hold specific meaning to me as totems marking the space I live in. Some are seen only from a distance until I consciously choose to visit them. Others are casually passed by daily until I notice them. I convey the subject in a number of mediums including digital imagery, prints and painting. I enjoy using each medium to suggest strength and fragility, permanence and impermanence through texture, layers and perspective.

  • Ross Passmoor
  • Ross Passmoor