Michael Cheesman

Studio Artist: 

Michael Cheesman (1991) works across various media, most frequently printmaking and painting. Michael completed a Fine Arts degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2013. His interests are wide ranging and move between the aspects of creating work and the curatorial space.

Michael has participated in two collaborative print portfolios and has up to this point taken part in various group shows. Michael is at this stage of his career more well known for his well kept mane of hair, which is undoubtedly the fairest in all the land.

As an artist, Michael Cheesmans’ work frequently revolves around various forms of landscapes, which ranges from the abstract to works that are more inclined to realism. Michael also plays around in ‘alternate landscapes’ which centre around the use of texts, historical figures and items that are reconstructed. Work is frequently framed within the exotic, which has very little to do with the subject matter at hand. The work can manifest in many ways, most of Michaels work has a strong focus on colour.

  • Michael Cheesman
  • Michael Cheesman