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Matt was born in Johannesburg in 1992. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhodes University in 2014. He has exhibited at the Ann Bryant Gallery in 2014, East London in a group show including other artists from the Eastern Cape.

I work primarily in the medium of oil on canvas. I find this medium allows me to access both a visual and material quality in my work, providing both a compelling image and object. I feel this medium provides the ability access many other mediums due to is visual elements such as composition, colour, light, etc. as well as a technical skill that involves mark making techniques, an understanding of different materials and contact to the physical presence of a medium.

My interests lie in many fields of thinking, be in psychological, philosophical or more sociological. This has lead me to produce work that concerns itself with time and space, allowing for a vast array of exploration into our own world and issues that pertain to it, as well as access to that which lies far beyond comprehension. This is all the while sustained by the appreciation of the history of painting and art in general, drawing y focus towards the appreciation of art as object. Producing work that can be accessed on an immediate level, someone simply admiring something of beauty. As well as on a more conceptual level.

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