Io Makandal

Studio Artist: 

Io Makandal (b. Johannesburg 1987) completed her BA Fine Art at Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT in Cape Town (2010). She works with found materials, discarded debris and mass produced objects to create installations and sculptural paintings. Her drawings and prints inform her sculptural process in creating oblique narratives of exploring subjective memory. Makandal has participated in numerous exhibitions in Cape Town and Johannesburg, including a solo exhibition at Blank Projects in Cape Town. More recently, she curated and participated in Cube Route, 2013, which travelled across South Africa, and was a participating artist in Transform Today 2014, a residency based in the Maboneng district of Johannesburg.

She currently lives and works in Johannesburg.

By re-appropriating everyday goods, both domestic and mass-produced, discarded matter and urban debris I create sculptural paintings, installations and drawings. I am drawn to the unhinged and inherent contradictions between decay and development. Through the act of mutating mundane materials and combining disparate elements I attempt to transform their forms into a hybrid vocabulary that narrates a subjectivity in reconstructing memory and place.

What I create through the process of building, adhering, contrasting, breaking is deliberately rudimentary in its style, in attempt to symbolise a continuous state of development and decomposition simultaneously, parodying a form of ‘urban ecology’ festering into form. My works create a visual mind space of imaginary solutions into another world. Colourful, seemingly playful yet sinister visual haikus.

  • io Makandal
  • io Makandal