Audrey Anderson

Audrey Anderson b. 1982, is living and working in Johannesburg. Starting her arts education at Pro Arte Alpen Park and later graduated from The University of Pretoria with a BA fine arts (honors) degree, specializing in narrative drawing.

After graduation she worked aboard as a junior art director in Dubai on the Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah Project (2007). She has exhibited locally and internationally, including, project-solo shows at Gordart (Johannesburg - 2008) and Brundyn + Gonsalves (Cape Town – 2009-2010); 2011 Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair. She was selected to be part of the emerging artist curated show at the first Turbine Art Fair 2013 (Johannesburg). Audrey was also nominated in 2013 as one of 5 artists to participate in the Nandos UK National Artwork project. She was selected as one of their three favorite African artists.

Everyday moments, like getting dressed, going to work, making coffee or waiting for a lift, are seemingly forgettable. For most of us, they have simply become automated must-dos. Yet, they make up most of life and shapes patterns, identities, personalities and relationships. My work focuses on turning these ‘slice of life’ moments into narratives by complicating them in an illustrated or graphic novel-inspired way. In doing so, I emphasise the simplicity of these acts or events, how they represent a shared experience and relate to the South African context.

I am always investigating new drawing and visual communication techniques. I consciously monitor what is happening in every work without letting full control over the medium get in the way. This translates as a philosophy in my art, automating though life is not much of a life without a good balance of control, accidents, elaboration and unexpected moments.

  • Audrey Anderson
  • Audrey Anderson