Anastasia Pather

Studio Artist: 

Anastasia Pather is a practicing, fine artist; receiving her B.F.A from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2010.

Pather has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions such as the ʻBeyond the Lineʼ project, a collaborative drawing exhibition, between the Goethe Institut and Wits Substation and the curated group show at the Turbine Art fair, ‘Fresh Produce’. Anastasia has also been a contributing artist to the ‘Khula Art’ Bag Project by Moniek van Erven and ‘Speeches from a White Cube’, a performance Art Project by Erin Bosenberg. In 2013 Pather funded, managed and ran the Art and Social Studio, a commercial art studio in 44 Stanley, Johannesburg. This sojourn acted as a living exhibition that intimately invited the public to observe, criticise and join her art making process.

Recently Pather has exhibited in a painter’s group exhibition at the Kalashnikov Galleri and announced as a semi-finalist in the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award in collaboration with Lizamore and Associates Gallery.

I am a semi abstract, finger painter, a frequently distracted thinker and an uninterrupted female. My process allows paint to organically form shapes through its own viscosity and my body movements.

I am acutely aware of my sex, constantly charged by its power and amazed by its controversy even in a contemporary context because of this I feel obliged to use my voice. I recognise that my work is indulgent, self absorbed and a more than likely derivative and probably predictable exploration into my own sexuality, ethnicity and self but this art is for lovers, not others.

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