Assemblage Activities


In April 2012 Assemblage opened a studio centre which provided shared or private studio spaces for artists to rent, as well as a workshop and exhibition space. The centre functioned as a meeting place for all of Assemblage’s projects and activities, including workshops, peer mentoring, exhibitions, art talks, open studio events and an international residency programme. In January 2018 this space closed as Assemblage saw the need for studios no longer being a priority in Johannesburg. As of February 2018 Assemblage follows a nomadic model for its activities - moving between spaces as appropriate.



Through the website (, Assemblage provides artists and art professionals with advice, guidance and resources on how to be a functioning artist, both in general terms and specifically in Johannesburg. The articles – written from the individual experience and recommendations of South African artists and art professionals – detail the process of being an artist right from the conception of ideas to their implementation, exhibiting and selling.

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Peer Mentoring groups

Since September 2010 Assemblage has been hosting peer mentoring groups for emerging artists. Artists, working in a variety of media, get together to critique and advise on one another's work or ideas. Assemblage places great value on peer review and not producing work in isolation. These peer mentoring groups are open to anyone who is serious about pursuing an art career, whether formally trained or self taught. Also present at these sessions are more experienced artists and art professionals who provide valuable insight and experience into the Johannesburg art industry and contribute a necessary level of objectivity and critique.

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Since November 2010 Assemblage has been conducting production and theory-based workshops for visual artists in Johannesburg. The purpose of these workshops is to promote production, professionalism, participation and the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills within the visual arts community. Our target audience is primarily those who are serious about having a career as an artist and who may need skills training and guidance, or wish to learn about working with diverse media.

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Group exhibitions

Assemblage seeks to create platforms for visual artists, outside of institutional or commercial structures, to showcase their work through group exhibitions and other projects. These exhibitions or projects also encourage the collaboration and connection of artists, curators and arts writers across Johannesburg.

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