About the Assemblage logo

Being a visual artist is not always synonymous with being a designer. We learnt this the hard way whilst unsuccessfully attempting to design a logo for Assemblage. When explaining this debacle with a designer friend she suggested,

Why don’t you do what artists do best? Make an assemblage!

And this is exactly what we proceeded to do. Different letters were chosen by a number of artists working with Assemblage. Most of the letters became three-dimensional manifestations in a range of interesting material; each true to the artists’ own style and methods. They were then photographed in studio and digitally placed together.

Here are the artists who contributed:

A – Carmen Jerrard

S – Sarah Spring

S – Monica Codevilla

E – Candice Hirson

M – Mandy Johnston

B – Monica Machial

L – Louise Ross

A – Candice Hirson

G – Anthea Pokroy

E – Catherine Dickerson

Thanks to all artists who contributed.